Powered by the Solaire Infrared Burner, this is not just another pretty stainless steel grill but truly the final word in outdoor cooking. Solaire's Infrared Burner gives you the extremely high heat required to quickly seal in natural juices for more tasty, flavorful food than can be achieved with a conventional, convection burner. How does it do this? 

Infrared burners and traditional, convection burners cook food in a fundamentally different way. The heat energy of conventional, convection gas burners heats the air, while the radiant energy of infrared gas burners heats surfaces and heating surfaces is much more efficient than heating air. Have you ever noticed that sunlight always feels warm, even on a cold day? The suns rays are radiant infrared energy, heating the objects they touch rather than the air they pass through. An infrared grill burner works on the same principle - the radiant energy from the burner produces extremely intense heat that immediately sears the food, locking in moisture and flavor. Food is cooked directly by the burner, in its own juices, in about half the time of a traditional gas grill.

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