The leader in kitchen ventilation for more than 85 years.  The Vent-A-Hood product line consists of three series of ducted, and one line of duct-free ventilation. A quick review of the major differences, outlined below, should help to narrow your search for the Vent-A-Hood model that will best suit the type of appliance you have, as well as your unique cooking habits.  Why Vent-A-Hood? Most people believe that range hoods are all the same and, for the most part, that's an accurate assessment...


Visit the Vent-A-Hood factory website where you can explore standard models and design concepts, download installation instructions and technical specifications or search for a dealer near you. Prior to visiting the factory website, you may wish to review our information below to get an understanding of the products offered.  Also, don't forget to peruse our Additional Resources page for extra tips, tricks and helpful guides on all things Vent-A-Hood.

Premier Magic Lung

Introduced in 1937, the patented Magic Lung blower system sets Vent-A- Hood apart. You shouldn’t settle for anything less than the Magic Lung because it is: Quiet, Efficient, Easy-cleaning, Fire-safe, and Powerful.


Introduced in 2010, the M-Line range hoods offer high quality, brushed stainless steel perimeter fascia, corrosion-resistant steel canopies, and industrial grade stainless steel baffle filters. This style hood packs a punch in a tight space, where a high CFM rating is needed within a limited width. It is not as quiet or as efficient in removing air contaminants as the Magic Lung or Power Lung, but The M-Line provides a budget-friendly solution to venting over residential professional-style cooking equipment within a small space. These blowers and canopies are sold separately.


Introduced in 2004, the V-Line features the exclusive and compact Vent-A-Hood Premium Power Lung Blower equipped with centrifugal filtering technology, offering the maximum performance in the value kitchen ventilation category. The Power Lung system eliminates the dirty, greasy, old-technology mesh screen filters to ensure performance at the value level.

Duct-Free ARS Line

Introduced in 2010, the patented Air Recovery System (ARS) offers a duct-free solution, utilizing a proprietary 4-phase technology, which makes this hood the quietest, most efficient, and easiest to maintain in its category. It is ideal for light, residential cooking where outdoor venting is not possible.

Additional Resources

For additional information about Vent-A-Hood products, check out our page of resources. We have plenty of tips, tricks and how-tos for all your Vent-A-Hood needs. We also have downloadable content for installation do's and don'ts, specification procedures and spec sheets.  Looking for something in particular and can't find it on our resources page?  Just email us at