Video Resources

  1. "Vent-A-Hood University". An excellent primer on ventilation. (8:09)
  2. "About Vent-A-Hood". A history of the company. (10:26)
  3. "The Magic LungĀ® centrifugal filtration system". How does it work compared to other filtration methods? (3:06)
  4. "Sound Test". Vent-A-Hood is THE quietest range hood and we can prove it! (3:28)
  5. "E-Z Clean". Vent-A-Hood is the easiest hood to clean. (2:04)
  6. "Vent-A-Hood Open Canopy". Indoor air quality improves with Vent-A-Hood's open canopy. (3:04)
  7. "Ducting". Properly ducting your range hood is important. (2:35)
  8. "Five year Warranty". The best warranty in the industry (1:07)
  9. "ARS Duct-Free Hoods". This line of ventilation products revolutionizes the functionality of a duct-free range hood. (3:26)
  10. "Grilling Indoors with Vent-A-Hood" . (1:00)

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