Introduced in 1937, the patented Magic Lung® blower system sets Vent-A-Hood® apart and has become an industry standard in range hood blower technology. The Magic Lung® is: Quiet, Efficient, Easy-Cleaning, Fire-Safe, and Powerful.



  • 300CFM minimum (450CFM equivalent).
  • The blower system is manufactured in 300CFM increments and can be scaled to handle heavy cooking on even the largest professional-style appliances.
  • Hood styles are customizable in terms of dimensions and accessory trim.
  • Available in st. steel and standard colors plus scores of custom RAL colors.
  • Under cabinet range hoods - 9" tall.
  • Wall mount range hoods - 12", 18" & 30" tall.
  • Island range hoods - 18" & 30" tall.
  • Wall mount liner inserts for built-in canopies - 12" tall.
  • Island liner inserts for built-in island canopies - 12" tall.